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Maeve Halpin, Counselling Psychologist
"Whenever possible, be kind. It's always possible" - The Dalai Lama

Maeve Halpin is a psychologist based in Dublin, Ireland, who is passionately interested in personal development, self-empowerment and the potential for positive living. She is the founder and manager of the Appletree Health and Wellness Health Centre in Ranelagh, Dublin, from where she operates a thriving private counselling and supervision practice.

Her counselling work with clients has given her tremendous respect for the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. Her aim is to facilitate the maintenance of robust, resilient mental health so that people can learn to surf the waves of life’s challenges rather than being swamped by them. From her own experience and that of her clients, she has discovered that there are a whole range of things we can do to help ourselves from a mental health point of view, options that lie outside the traditional medical and psychological models.

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