Depression – Practical Tips for Recovery

Depression is one of the most common and most treatable mental health conditions. Unfortunately, due to shame, fear, or simply lack of information, many people with depression suffer unnecessarily for months or even years. A combination of self-help and professional strategies can help the most distressing symptoms of depression. This can then form the basis Read more about Depression – Practical Tips for Recovery[…]

Age-ing or Sage-ing? – the Positive Aspects of Getting Older

In our youth-orientated culture, negative attitudes towards ageing are common. Getting older is associated with slowing down and with losing our enjoyment of life. Such stereotypes of ageing are inaccurate and do not reflect the reality of life for the vast majority of older people. Many positive aspects of ageing get lost in the barrage Read more about Age-ing or Sage-ing? – the Positive Aspects of Getting Older[…]

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Dealing with Workplace Bullying by Maeve Halpin, Registered Counselling Psychologist Bullying at work can have serious negative effects. It causes stress not only on those experiencing it directly, but to work colleagues, family members and on the organisation itself. Bullying can cause many stress-related symptoms. These include panic attacks, weight loss or gain, ulcers, high Read more about Dealing with Workplace Bullying[…]

Is 2016 the year to reimagine your career?

Is 2016 the year to reimagine your career? A guest blog by Stephanie Fitzpatrick Some tips to get you started The energy of the centre point is manifested in the almost irresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is (Jung, 1965). Time for a career change? Do you wish to explore new challenges and Read more about Is 2016 the year to reimagine your career?[…]

New Year Tips to Help Improve Your Relationship

For many couples, the post-Christmas lull can expose underlying tensions and difficulties in their relationship. With awareness, commitment and some practical skills, this can become an opportunity to improve communication and resolve interpersonal conflicts. Enhancing Communication The single most useful skill to bring to a relationship is that of active listening. This means listening with Read more about New Year Tips to Help Improve Your Relationship[…]

What is Counselling?

Life can be difficult. It all goes smoothly it goes for a while, but then something knocks us back, sometimes out of the blue. Or maybe there are underlying issues that affect our confidence and self-esteem. Counselling can be an invaluable help at times of stress, anxiety or uncertainty. Typical sources of stress The major Read more about What is Counselling?[…]

Understanding the Process of Bereavement

The death of a loved one can be devastating, especially if it is sudden, violent or unexpected. Mourning is a vital and necessary part of healing. Understanding bereavement can help manage the grief process. Stages of Grief Recognisable stages of grief have been identified, but everyone’s experience will be unique. Stage 1: Shock and Denial. Read more about Understanding the Process of Bereavement[…]

Thanks to Rehab Tralee and the Brandon Hotel

  Dr Edmond O’Flaherty and I received a great reception in the Brandon Hotel in Tralee, Co Kerry this afternoon for our talk on natural approaches to mental health. Jane, Mary and all the crew from Rehab Blennerville, Tralee were there to meet us and over 100 people turned up for the talk. There was Read more about Thanks to Rehab Tralee and the Brandon Hotel[…]

Free Talk on Mental Health at RehabCare Blennerville, Tralee, Co Kerry

I am delighted that Dr Edmond O’Flaherty and I are invited to speak at the RehabCare Positive Living Week in Blennerville, Tralee, Co Kerry next week. We will be speaking in the Brandon Hotel, 1.30pm -3pm on Wednesday November 25th the topic of natural mental health and Nutrient Therapy as a safe and effective treatment for Read more about Free Talk on Mental Health at RehabCare Blennerville, Tralee, Co Kerry[…]

Bipolar Recovery – Bill Fitzgerald’s story

Bill Fitzgerald’s long battle with Bipolar Disorder led him down many different avenues in his determination to recover. As  he tells Joy Orpen in his recent interview, he has found that combining conventional medication with complementary approaches such as meditation, counselling, exercise, reiki and nutrient therapy has brought him emotional stability and given him back a Read more about Bipolar Recovery – Bill Fitzgerald’s story[…]