September 15, 2015


How to be Happy and HealthyMany people today struggle with issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, low mood, lack of confidence, intermittent depression and insomnia. Modern life can be stressful, demanding, judgmental and unforgiving. It is easy to feel at a loss about how to address the insidious and debilitating symptoms that hold us back from developing our true potential. Luckily, it is entirely possible to build a foundation of physical and emotional stability that provides a buffer against life’s constant demands. For the first time, this book clearly explains the essential link between mental and physical health and gives practical, evidenced-based tools for developing a lifestyle that prevents illness and supports mental and physical well-being.

Stable mental functioning is predicated on three very practical, fundamental elements: nutritious food, restorative sleep and regular exercise. These three elements work together to ensure that the body’s biochemistry (i.e. the complex combination of chemicals that keep us feeling well) is functioning at optimal levels. Three further elements, daily practices of meditation, mindfulness and compassion, have been shown to have powerful therapeutic effects by calming, nurturing and fortifying the heart and mind. The seventh element, counselling, is a process that can help consolidate this synthesis of healing principles, facilitating and sustaining long-term change.

How to Be Happy and Healthy – the Seven Natural Elements of Mental Healthcomprises seven stand-alone chapters, one devoted to each of these critical elements. This landmark book is essential reading not only for those with mental health concerns but also for their families, health professionals of all disciplines, and anyone who wishes to take control of their mental and emotional well being.