Is 2016 the year to reimagine your career?

Stephanie Fitzpatrick photoIs 2016 the year to reimagine your career?

A guest blog by Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Some tips to get you started

The energy of the centre point is manifested in the almost irresistible compulsion and urge to become what one is (Jung, 1965).

Time for a career change? Do you wish to explore new challenges and opportunities? Pursue old dreams and live life to the fullest? Are you changing your lifestyle and choosing to leave work early? Maybe your present role just doesn’t give you enough money to pay the bills? Is it your deepest ambition is to make a difference in the world?

Rapidly increasing life expectancy is causing profound changes in the structure of the world’s population. We are living longer, and this ‘longevity bonus’ is resulting in changing perspectives in many areas. One key area is that of work and careers – in planning to work for longer, many are considering how they can alter or even completely change their careers. These are often called second acts or encore careers.

So how do you assess the options and determine a new path? Career change is a scary business, fraught with obstacles—a resistant partner, financial concerns, fear of failure. Where do you start? What should you consider? Such fears have prevented many from reaching beyond their comfort zone, but sometimes the biggest rewards come from taking the biggest risks.

Here are some tips to get you started –

  1. Don’t rush into career transition – it deserves a process of careful consideration with friends and advisors – resist the urge to find a quick fix.

  2. First explore what inspires you and what is important to you personally and professionally.

  3. Examine your strengths, your personality and your interests.

  4. Look at what you have achieved to date. Try to use and build on that experience even in a new career field.

  5. Know the full range of skills that you have built up and understand how useful they are in other work areas.

  6. Proactively use your present social and professional network to explore new careers.

  7. Envisage what it would be like to leave your job and start over in another career

  8. Take a realistic view of the obstacles, while also exploring the obstacles in your own mind. Ask yourself the hard questions.

  9. Explore your fears, such as…Am I too old? Will I be starting at the bottom of the ladder?

  10. 10 Allow time to gain extra skills and/or to gain extra qualifications.

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