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Dr Edmond O’Flaherty and I received a great reception in the Brandon Hotel in Tralee, Co Kerry this afternoon for our talk on natural approaches to mental health.

Jane, Mary and all the crew from Rehab Blennerville, Tralee were there to meet us and over 100 people turned up for the talk. There was standing room only!

Dr O’Flaherty gave a fascinating input on Nutrient Therapy for mental illness. He now treats about 250 people per annum with this safe and effective method, including doctors and consultants who come to him from abroad for treatment for their depression.

Causes of depression

The brain and nervous system depend on a complex mix of biochemicals to function properly. If the balance is off, unexplained mental health problems can be the outcome. For instance, a high level of copper level in the bloodstream can result in depression and anxiety. Post-natal depression is often associated with high copper, as the copper in a woman’s system trebles during pregnancy.

Elevated copper levels in the soil in north Kerry are the cause of depressive illness in that area. Copper levels are mediated by zinc, so this type of depression is quite easily treated with an appropriate zinc supplement.

Individualised blood tests are required

Depression and anxiety can have many different origins, which is why an individual blood test is necessary to determine the correct treatment. Edmond and his son Dr Andrew O’Flaherty run the BioBalance Clinic in Mount Merrion in Dublin. Blood samples taken at the clinic are sent to the US for analysis and a specific course of nutrients is prescribed based on the results.

Many people on psychoactive medication find that they can decrease their dosage once the nutrients begin to take affect. This can take a number of weeks, depending on their diagnosis.

The Spectrum of Natural Approaches

I spoke today about the importance of a healthy daily diet in maintaining emotional and psychological well-being. A high intake of processed, fatty and sugary foods is associated with a higher risk of depression. Research demonstrates that regular exercise, natural sleep, mindfulness and meditation practices all support good mental health. Having compassion for oneself and others allows us to be less judgemental and to learn from our mistakes. Counselling is a very useful tool in helping overcome personal difficulties and is available free of charge through the HSE.

You can read more on all these topics in How to Be Happy and Healthy – the Seven Natural Elements of Mental Health. It can be ordered through your local bookshop from Irish Book Distributors. We also welcome speaking invitations throughout Ireland.

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