Bipolar Recovery – Bill Fitzgerald’s story

Bill Fitzgerald’s long battle with Bipolar Disorder led him down many different avenues in his determination to recover. As  he tells Joy Orpen in his recent interview, he has found that combining conventional medication with complementary approaches such as meditation, counselling, exercise, reiki and nutrient therapy has brought him emotional stability and given him back a Read more about Bipolar Recovery – Bill Fitzgerald’s story[…]

Be Mindful: Avoid Gaining those extra pounds at Christmas

Over the Christmas period, we are surrounded with rich, tempting food, endless boxes of biscuits and chocolates and more alcohol than usual.  As a result, we can gain up to 1.5 kilos without even noticing! This additional weight that can be difficult to lose again in the New Year. Being mindful about our food choices, Read more about Be Mindful: Avoid Gaining those extra pounds at Christmas[…]